Oceanic Eco Tours is pleased to welcome you onboard our 2018 Key West 239FS center console whale watching boat to enjoy the most complete dolphin and whale watching tours in San Diego. Our small group (6 passengers maximum) whale watching tours are led by our Naturalist Captains and Guides. We focus on respectful encounters.

Boat Key West 239FS
Boat Key West 239FS

Our dolphin and whale watching boat helps us provide the most complete San Diego whale and dolphin watching tours because:

At 24 feet, our whale watching boat does not compromise on sea worthiness. It has a blue water fishing hull, perfect for exploring the offshore waters of San Diego where many different cetacean species can be encountered.

Our 2021 250hp Yamaha outboard engine is the latest in low emission, quiet engines that can go up to 40mph. This means we can travel quickly to areas where whales and dolphins may be seen. It increases the range of our tours, which increases the chances and number of cetacean species we can observe. Getting to the activity quickly means more time observing the dolphins and whales and less time traveling for our guests.

All of the seats on the boat are cushioned and provide back support for the comfort of our guests.

We have a full array of marine electronics ensuring safety and communication with our fellow marine wildlife observers.

Key West 239fs and Yamaha motor