We aim to be sustainable and ecologically friendly. To be carbon neutral is the loftiest of our goals at Oceanic Eco Tours and we are always looking for ways to offset our carbon footprint. We consider it a wonderful privilege to share the experience of observing whales and dolphins in their natural environment with our guests. Our most important goals are to ensure that we are acting responsibly and helping to protect our ocean environment.


The United Nations World Tourism Organization has defined sustainable tourism as “tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities”.

We are dedicated to being part of the solution for a healthy environment and to create a more balanced approach to tourism and sustainability. While we are integrating all of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into our operations we are specifically focused on the following criteria:

  1. SDG4 – Quality Education
  2. SDG11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities
  3. SDG13 – Climate Action
  4. SDG14 – Life Below Water
  5. SDG15 – Life on Land
  6. SDG17 – Partnerships for the Goals

Oceanic Eco Tours is always looking to support conservation of whales, dolphins, and the marine ecosystem.

  • We have the latest model boat engine which has the lowest carbon and sound emissions.
  • We do our best to minimize the use of plastics, particularly single-use plastics
  • We collect ocean trash in our free time and we just might do so on your tour

Beyond being conscious of our environmental impact, OET participates in cetacean conservation and research projects. We are always looking to expand our knowledge and help in any way that we can. We look forward to sharing our knowledge with our guests.